Alright alright… first post on the new website?? This should be fun.

Figured it’d be cool to look back at all this stuff when I’m 100 years old and struggling to remember shit I did when I was younger.

So here we go, what am I doing now, and what have I done so far?

When Did I Start Producing Electronic Music?

It hasn’t even been a year yet, and I already don’t remember exactly which month I first started (see – this is why I don’t trust myself to remember anything when I’m 100).

According to my Ableton (software used to make music) project files, my “First Go” project (the first song I started/finished) was last saved on June 29th, 2020.

So, Summer 2020 is when I began this producer journey. Cool.

What Made Me Want to Get Into Producing Music?

I wanna create music that makes people feel the same way other producers’ music makes me feel. 

Whether it’s something that pumps you up, makes you wanna dance or bob your head, something you throw on in the background as you do some work, or something that gives you chills.

That’d be one of my biggest reasons for wanting to make music, beyond the fact that it’s super fun, and fulfills my need to create things.

As for what was the catalyst that got me into it all? 

Like most life decisions that you make on your own, this one was the result of numerous events prior. 

I don’t wanna go full biography-mode on you, so here’s the gist of my electronic music journey:

1. Earliest memory of realizing that I liked some form of electronic music was in a remix album Linkin Park did called Reanimation, for their first album, Hybrid Theory. Track #17 on the album, By_Myslf.

There’s a tension building breakdown that starts at 2:27, then at the release at 2:44 you can hear a nice little synth melody (panned to the right a bit) that starts.

2. My highschool days were nothing but raiding dungeons in vanilla World of Warcraft with trance music blasting in my headphones. All the radio shows on, Trance Around The World, and A State of Trance were the shit.

3. Out of highschool I downloaded a pirated version of Ableton Live (music software) and gave producing a try. Gave up before I even attempted at creating a track, due to lack of patience, and not a lot of guidance. YouTube tutorials weren’t really a thing back then.

4. Got into other hobbies like video editing/production, and photography to feed my creative itch, but they didn’t have that “it” factor.

5. Fast forward to 2020, COVID hits and a few of my favourite producers start getting into live streaming DJ sets and “in the studio producer sessions” on Twitch since they can’t tour anymore.

After watching a bunch of these live streams, I guess the inspiration was too much to handle because one day I just had the urge to give music producing a second shot.

Conveniently enough, that same software I pirated 10+ years ago was doing a 90 day free trial because of COVID (lots of people staying home, taking up new/abandoned hobbies).

So I pounced on that deal, did a shit ton of research/tutorials and here we are now, 4 finished tracks deep.

The Music I’ve Produced So Far

When I started producing music again, one of the first pieces of advice I heard was to prioritize finishing tracks.

I hear a lot of producers get stuck “in the loop”, where they create a badass 8 or 16 bar loop, but then never flesh it out into a full track.

Thankfully I’ve yet to experience this, since I took that advice seriously and more or less finished every project I’ve started so far.

So let’s check out what those finished projects have turned into shall we?!

1. First Go

Appropriate track title, no?

I love going back and listening to this absolute banger. Mainly because it’s cool to see how far I’ve progressed already, but also because it’s the very first track I’ve ever made, which only happens once in your life, so that’s neat.

I’m clearly a big fan of the ping pong delay effect. Probably a little too much in this one ;). 

2. Manic

Went with the name, Manic, for this one mainly because of the chaotic lead that comes in at the second drop. That, and because it had a nice darker vibe to it.

Was able to fill out more of the sound frequencies the more I learned about that kind of stuff, so that was a big stepping stone for my music.

Sounds a bit more fuller than the first one, hey?

That little snap drag sound transition effect at 13 seconds to bring in the full kick was made by accident, but I fuckin love it. Even now I’m still pumped on that lol. 

Also pumped I was able to squeeze in a piano in there. I love pianos 🙂

3. Contrast

Named Contrast because I was practicing adding more contrast to my track. You’ll notice a big difference between the first and second drops.

First drop was going for those cool bassy trance 2.0 drops. Didn’t really accomplish what I initially had in my mind when making it, but I was happy with it.

CoolStoryBob: When I showed this to my buddy Sergio, he said he was visualizing an army in formation marching to the first drop part of the song.

Made me think of that marching hammers scene in Pink Floyd’s movie, The Wall. Cool visual that I always imagine in my head now whenever I listen to it lol.

Second drop was going for a more cinematic, emotional roller coaster vibe. When those strings come in ooooooo baby!

4. Climax

My lovely girlfriend Lindsay said the vocal parts in this track sounded like a chick having an orgasm, so once I heard her say that, Climax was an easy choice.

You’ll hear the vocals come in and out throughout the first half of the track (foreplay), then the second drop …well that’s the orgasmic climax.

Mix-wise, I’d say this is the best sounding track so far. The more I go through the entire process of starting and finishing tracks the more I’m learning new stuff each time I do it.

So I’m really excited to keep going through the motions and hear what my future tracks sound like!

What’s Next?

So that’s where I’m at currently with my electronic music producer journey.

I’m gonna keep updating this blog with updates on what I’m up to, things I’ve learned etc., and with any new music I create.

I’ve also got a lot of fun ideas for tracks that involve blending in some sounds from my favourite movies/video games/genres of music, (like World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay to name some) so I look forward to getting into that.

Might even create some YouTube vids for some of my more fun projects like the ones I just mentioned, and maybe do some live streams of me producing music so we can hang and make music together.


Alright, thanks for chillin with me on this first post. If you have any comments on any of the four tracks I’ve made so far then please let me know what you think below!

Or if you just wanna say wudup, do that too.

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