My mom has a great voice so it was only a matter of time that we would end up making a track together.

I only wish I knew a bit more of what I was doing on the production side of things so I could do her voice justice!

That’s ok though – this is the first of what I hope to be many collaborations with my mom, and I expect them to only get better.

How It Went Down

The project started with my mom singing some vocal parts that she wrote lyrics for, then sent them over to me so I could start shaping a song around them.

From what I’ve seen, most producers in the electronic music space do it the opposite; where they’ll already have the track produced, and then the singer comes up with something that’ll fit nicely.

My mom’s voice has always given me Oceanlab vibes, so naturally I went out to find a good reference track to give some inspiration on how I could create the track.

We were in the key of C Minor, and low and behold, a Gareth Emery remix of Lonely Girl was in the same key, so I went with that one.

Creating The Track

I started the track off with a darker vibe, then it kind of progressed towards that Oceanlab trancy style for the second drop.

Looking back at the track now, I could have definitely found a way to add more energy in that second drop. Oh well, still learning.

Within the first 10 minutes or so of just listening to the vocals on repeat (with just some simple chords behind them), the idea for the bassline came into my head, which then gave me the direction for the rest of the track.

This was my first time working with actual vocals as the focal point, rather than some simple vocal chops, and I can see why producers say mixing vocals into a track can often be the hardest part.

I think a bit more reverb, and turning the gain down a bit would make the vocal sit a bit better in the mix.

If I’m feeling up to it, maybe one day I’ll go back and polish everything up a bit with my newfound producing techniques. 

Edge Of Time (Feat. My Mom)

So here’s the track! 

Like always, I learned a bunch of new things that I’ll be taking with me into my next tracks.

Hope you enjoyed the tune, and thanks for reading/listening 🙂

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